Iran's nuclear development issues

History repeats [also without momentum sold dollars in the situation ... Iran's nuclear development issues ~ ~ To center the relationship between the Middle East policy of the United States . Introduction Iran's nuclear development problem, 00 years, Iran had built a uranium enrichment facility to secretly Stemming from that fact has been exposed. Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation It is under Treaty (NPT) regime, uranium enrichment that can diverted to nuclear weapons Of nuclear-related activities etc. Although high transparency is required in the operation, the construction of nuclear-related facility of secretly by the country is the opening of the nuclear weapons It led to the suspicion of the intended departure. Subsequent investigation, cormorant over the last year by Iran Been reported facts, such as the run enrichment experiments, the nucleus along with the obligation violation of the IAEA reveals Weapons development suspicion was further strengthened.

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