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History repeats [also without momentum sold dollars in the situation ... The history of the Middle East Committee Middle East Committee of any organization era Inauguration of the Middle East Committee is, as (Showa 0) years affairs department in charge of the Middle East Africa region in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Western stations the department was immediately after it is established. October of that year, the founder Kobayashi based on consignment of [material] creation of this second division, organized a research group. Kobayashi order to be more public this research group, founded the [Middle East Committee] as (Showa) years any organization. Welcomed the President to the House of Councilors Seiichi Inoue (the year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary), Research Executive Director in charge per Kobayashi himself, also, was obtained to Executive Director of Finance responsible for the cooperation of Mitsubishi Corporation Managing Director Ichiro Terao . Other examples of the officers of the meeting, Shinji Maejima, Yoichi Itagaki, Sadaharu Yabe, researchers such as Yamana Yoshitsuru, the business community persons name, board of directors, had been chosen as auditor.

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