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History repeats [also without momentum sold dollars in the situation ... The times research tournament end report The times Japan security trade Society study competition, was held at Doshisha University in 0 date with the participation's about the name (Saturday). For free topic session had no applicants, it was held only in the afternoon of the theme session. I took up the matter of the theme in the theme session. In the first session, there was a report from the name as [0 years of Japan's security trade management]. First, Ms. Takehiko Yamamoto [0 years from severe earthquake Toshiba incident - follow the changes in the export management governance of the Japanese government -] there was a titled report. Machine tools illegal export cases were discovered in the year under the COCOM regime is the beginning, it was to be exposed to severe criticism from the United States for the sensitive lack of Japanese companies on security. Is presented CP of Japan for companies from the US Department of Commerce, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (at the time) led, export management governance in the industry has been strengthened.

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